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NC State Extension

Cut Flower Cultivar Trials

Interesting new cut flowers excite buyers and increase sales. Each year a wide variety of new species and cultivars are evaluated in the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG) National Cut Flower Trial Programs, administered by NC State University and the ASCFG. These new cultivars are tested at approximately 50 locations in the United States and Canada, providing valuable production and marketing information. The cultivars are tested primarily at commercial cut flower producers, but also at a few universities and cooperative extension providers. Postharvest information is also collected by NC State on a number of the cultivars each year and can be accessed here.

The National Annual Cut Flower Trial Program was established in 1993, the Perennial Trial Program in 1998 and the Woody Trial program in 2004. Every year results are published in Winter issue of The Cut Flower Quarterly ( and a summary is published in GPN ( If you are interested in participating in the trial programs, please contact Judy Laushman (

These trial programs are supported by the membership of the ASCFG. The new cultivar postharvest work is supported by the ASCFG Research Foundation and the American Floral Endowment.

Trial Reports