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Postharvest Trials

Every year, postharvest trials are performed on cut flower trials grown at our Horticulture Field Labs. The typical layout for the trials is to harvest field-grown flowers at the optimum stage of flower development, immediately place into tap water upon harvest, then subsequently sort them and place them into the following treatments:

Sunflowers in vase life trials 2017

Sunflowers in vase life trials 2017

  • Hydrator only
  • Holding preservative only
  • Hydrator followed by holding preservative
  • Deionized water only

After treatment, stems are placed at room temperature under approximately 200 ftc of light for 12 hrs/day, and vase life is recorded for each stem as it is terminated.

The exact experimental methods for each year are detailed in that year’s page.

You may browse our trial results by year or, if you are looking for a particular plant, browse by cultivar.

 Postharvest Information