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Tanacetum Parthenium ‘Summer Spirit’

Trial: Annual

Years Trialed: 2000

Good Qualities:

Uniform (3); If a perennial, I will definitely keep, blooms quickly from seed, beautiful, sturdy pom-poms of clear color on strong stems; Lasts for 2 weeks (or more) in cooler plus keeps color; Slower to flower than tetra, stiff stem; Easy, good for bouquet makers; Excellent filler flower; Good tight flowers, semi-continuous blooming; late flowers had shorter stems; Dark foliage, later blooming for continuous Tanacetum; Good flower clusters; Cut with 5 days otherwise gets dirty, good filler.


Short (3); May be susceptible to aster yellows; Needs something to achieve greater plant height; Leaf miners.


Similar to ‘Snowball’; Never free flowering, Tetra blew the doors off this one for flower power and performance; Benary’s Tanacetum was started 2 weeks after Kieft’s and still (as of 9/21) has not bloomed, Kiefts began to steadily bloom about 4 weeks after transplanted, tubular ray flowers/petals; Florists’ preferred Tetra White to this one; Need one layer of support, sometimes two, pompon type; Would like to grow again to see if stems will be longer; Vase life – 7 days.

Trial Data

Tanacetum parthenium ‘Summer Spirit’
Yield (stems/plant) Stem Length (inches) Market Appreciation Rating – Wholesale (1) Market Appreciation Rating – Retail (1) Market Appreciation Rating – Consumer (1) Repeat Again Rating (1) Ease of Cultivation Rating (1)
Average 5.8 15.1 2.5 3.2 3.4 3.3 4.2

(1) 1 to 5 scale, with 5 being the best. Market ratings are based on sales to wholesalers, retailers, or final consumers direct.


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