Cut Peony Webinar

— Written By Ben Bergmann and last updated by peony

Recently, the webinar “Current Management and Research on Cut Peonies” was hosted through NC State’s Department of Horticultural Science. Nathan Jahnke, Ph.D. Candidate under Dr. John Dole, organized the webinar to inform growers about production, postharvest handling, disease management and current research being conducted on this high value cut flower. Along with Nathan, Dr. John Dole, Dave Dowling, and Dr. Gary Chastagner spoke on the various topics covering general recommendations and new research on this crop. Over 200 people participated in this international webinar reaching over 17 countries. Browse through the following videos to learn more. Also, download the speaker’s slides and other notes to learn more about cut peony management.


Peony Introduction

Dr. John Dole of North Carolina State University introduces the webinar speakers and talks about the history, cultivation, importance, the issues of growing peonies as a high-value cut flower, and why research is needed.
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Peony Production

Grower and supplier, Dave Dowling of Ednie Flower Bulbs speak on how to grow peonies has a cut flower. Topics include varieties to grow, plant spacing, harvest stage, handling, and much more.

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Peony Postharvest Handling

Nathan Jahnke, Ph.D. Candidate of North Carolina State University, presents the recommended postharvest practices for cut peonies and the research completed here at NC State that could improve storage and vase life of cut peonies.

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Peony Disease Management

Experienced researcher, Gary Chastagner of Washington State University, helps growers understand methods to reduce disease incidence and severity on their peonies. His program’s research has led to the identification of many new peony pathogens and they test new products against those pathogens.