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1994 ASCFG National Cut Flower Trials

  • John Dole
  • Oklahoma State University


Each year one or more cultivars usually stand out and this year there were several exceptional cultivars. The Zinnia Giant Blue Point Strain Mix and Scabiosa Olympia from Benary received excellent marks and enthusiatic comments. The zinnia was productive all season long with a good mix of colors. Flower stems were long (18 inches) with full, well-shaped flowers. The scabiosa was also noted for its excellent colors ranging from pale purple to deep burgundy. One respondent wrote ‘Each color had it’s own beauty – Can’t decide which I like best – A beautiful flower.’ Long stems (23 inches) and productive habit also made it popular.

Keift’s Asclepias Silky Gold did very well in warm areas of the country. One respondent noted that it showed chilling injury after cool nights (less than 55F). Overall, growers loved its unique color and valued it as something different. The long stems (19-inches), ease of growing, and productivity were a plus.

Pan American’s Delphinium Clear Springs was clear success for many growers. The light blue color was a hit with customers according to several respondents. Stems were long (17-inches) and strong.

Sakata’s Ageratum Blue Horizon has been on the market for several years and appears to be popular for good reasons. It was one of the few cultivars receiving almost no negative remarks. Growers liked its vigor, color and long vase life. Among Sakata’s Cosmos Tall Versailles series, the cultivar Carmine was especially well received. Its productivity, long stems (22-inches), and, of course, color were considered excellent.

Many comments were directed towards the sunflower cultivars because of the large number in the trial. Growers appeared to be split into two groups — those that prefered the large types and those that prefered the smaller multi-branched types. The well-known cultivar Sunbright from Sakata was one of the favorites of those wanting large flowers and was noted as ‘best cultivar’ by three respondents. They also like the pollen-less flowers and long vase life. Of the multi-branched cultivars, the new cultivars Sonja and Valentin from Benary were noted for their productivity, ease of drying, and color.

Several growers also returned information on Clause’s Sweet William Messanger series which was included in last year’s trial. Very few of the plants flowered last year due to it being a biennial. The results indicate that it is early flowering, productive, and dries well. Long stems and a long vase life were also noted.

The ASCFG National Cut Flower Trials were conducted by 38 growers and universities around the country. Seed were donated from several breeders and distributors. Evaluations were made by the growers themselves and included approximate yield, length, market appeal, ease of cultivation, chance that the crop would be grown again the next year and comments. Twenty eight evaluations were returned to John Dole, Oklahoma State University for final compilation. Thank you to all of the participants for their work keeping records (even when things were busy) and to the seed companies for donating the seed.


  • Ageratum
    • F1 Blue Horizon
  • Antirrhinum (Snapdragon)
    • Potomac Plum Blossom
  • Aquilegia
    • Music Harmony Mix
  • Asclepias curassavica
    • Silky Gold
  • Aster
    • Compliment Light Blue
    • Compliment Salmon Pink
    • Compliment White
    • Matador Mix
    • Matsumoto Mixed
  • Carthamus
    • Yellow Grenade
  • Celosia
    • Chief Mixed
    • Pink Candle
    • Sparkler Carmine
    • Sparkler Cream
    • Sparkler Orange
    • Sparkler Red
    • Sparkler Yellow
  • Chrysanthemum parthenium
    • Snow Crown
  • Cosmos
    • Sensation Purity Superior
    • Tall Versailles Carmine
    • Tall Versilles Mixed
    • Tall Versailles Pink Eye
    • Tall Versailles White
  • Delphinium
    • Clear Springs
  • Doronicum orientale
    • Goldcut
  • Eustoma (Lisianthus)
    • Double Up Pink
    • Evening Dress
    • Party Dress
    • Sentinel Porcelain
  • Gaillardia aristata
    • Fackelschein
  • Gypsophila
    • Lady Lace
  • Helianthus (Sunflower)
    • F1 Sunbeam
    • F1 Sunbright
    • F1 Sunrich Lemon
    • Floristan
    • Holiday
    • Sonja
    • Valentin
  • Lavatera
    • Pink Beauty
    • Rose Beauty
    • White Beauty
  • Limonium (Statice)
    • Compindi Deep Blue
    • Compindi Rose
    • Pastel Shades
    • Qis White XL
  • Linaria
    • purpurea
  • Lobelia
    • Compliment Blue
    • Compliment Deep Red
    • Compliment Scarlet
  • Matricaria
    • Golden Vegmo
    • Qis White
    • Single Vegmo
    • Snowball
    • Tetra White
    • Tetra Vegmo
    • Vegmo Star
  • Matthiola (Stock)
    • Cheerful White Imp.
  • Scabiosa atropurpurea
    • Olympia
  • Trachelium
    • Lake Avalon
    • Lake Powell
    • Lake Superior
  • Veronica
    • Blue Bouquet
  • Zinnia
    • Giant Blue Point Strain Mix

Participating Seed Companies – Annual Trials, 1994

Benary Seed

1444 Larson St.

Sycamore, IL 60178

Sakata Seed America

18095 Serene Drive

Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Kieft Bloemzaden B.V.

2209-B Bulson Rd.

Mt. Vernon, WA 98273

American Takii, Inc.

301 Natividad Rd.

Salinas, CA 93906

Pan American

P.O. Box 438

West Chicago, IL 60186-0438

Participating Growers – Annual Trials, 1994

Marylyn Anderson
Flowering Meadow Farm
Damascus, MD

Pamela and Frank Arnosky
Texas Specialty Cuts
Wimberley, TX

Douglas and Gloria Austin
Austin Gardens
Flushing, MI

Don Bade
Bade Farms
Momence, IL

Sharon Challand
Meadow Everlastings
Malta, IL

Martin and Theresa Connaughton
Wilderness Flowers
Sante Fe, NM

Barbara Cosper
Flower Power
Highlands, NC

Susan Dayton
Dayton Farm
East Hampton, NY

Joseph Fisher
Fischer’s Greenhouse
Gordonville, PA

Janet Foss
J. Foss Garden Flowers
Everett, WA

Roseann Greenberg
Forever Green Farm
Allentown, NJ

Jim Harbage
South Dakota State University
Brookings, SD

Susan Hart
Tulsa, OK

Jeff Hartenfeld
Hart Farm
Solsberry, IN

Betsy Hitt
Peregrine Farms
Graham, NC

Sande Larson
Elizabeth, MN

Lisa Margulies
The Flower Farm
Arroyo Grande, CA

Linda White Mays
Sundance Nursery & Flowers
Irvine, NY

Kathy Melmoth
Recipe Gardens
Pittsford, MI

Don Mitchell
Flora Pacifica
Brookings, OR

Susan O’Connell
Fertile Cresent Farm
Hardwick, VT

Jackie and Charlie Pike
Texas Nature Treasures
Fort Worth, TX

Paul Redman/John Dole
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK

Kim Roberts and Chris Dourley
Lost Mesa Flower Co.
Hotkiss, CO

Kathy Riley
Nature Perfect
Puyallup, WA

Vicki Stamback and Judy Rose
Bear Creek Farms
Stillwater, OK

Cheryl Wagner
Wagner’s Homestead Farms
Belleville, MI

Jimmy Zheng
Kitayama Bros.
Watsonville, CA

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